What do I have to do to ensure my home is ready for a survey? There are a few things to remember to protect your home and make it easier for the surveyor. Reduce the stress and time taken up by a survey by following some of our easy steps below!

1. De Clutter
You should take time to clear away any clutter around your home as this will make it easier for the surveyor to inspect your property. This could include removing and storing some of your possessions such as ornaments and plants from key areas that your surveyor will need to access. This could include areas like fireplaces and around skirting boards.

2. Clean up
Take the time to clean your home to showcase your property in the best possible light. This could include kitchens and bathrooms along with high traffic areas such as carpets and surfaces. This will show the property is well looked after and maintained.

3. Repair Minor Problems
Repair minor defects that you are aware of to show that your property has been cared for. In turn, this will limit the number of defects your survey uncovers. Fix obvious defects such as dripping taps, broken door hinges, blocked gutters etc.

4. Accessibility
You will need to make all areas of your home as accessible as possible so that the surveyor can investigate the whole of the property. They will then be able to provide a thorough, comprehensive, and accurate report. It is not worth risking hiding any obvious defects as this can cause issues later down the line.

This includes moving out large items of furniture, any items blocking a fuse box and boiler, windows and doors and ensuring there is access to the loft, basement and any outbuildings.

Our chartered surveyors are always happy to talk you through the process of getting your property or land surveyed and valued. For a free, no-obligation chat, call us, or email surveyors@tamlyns.co.uk.