Making A Development Proposal in Four Stages

Whether you’re looking to extend your current property, or have bigger plans to develop on a parcel of green land, the process of making an application for planning and building regulations can be very daunting – Have I got the correct paperwork in order? How do I know if things are running smoothly? What can I do should any problems arise? At Tamlyns we can make this process easier for you. In this month’s blog, we’re taking a look at the four key stages involved in making these applications and how we can best assist with your needs.

Stage 1: Planning Permission

Whether or not you need planning permission will depend on a variety of factors, many of which can only be determined by inspecting your property on site and in person. At Tamlyns we provide a free initial visit (subject to location), we’ll take into account the latest developments in planning policy, inform you of the anticipated costs, and provide you with a realistic idea of how long the planning process might take.

By the end of our visit, you’ll have a clear idea of whether your goals are achievable, whether aspects of your plans could be improved and the next steps required in order to make your development dreams happen. 

Stage 2: Building Regulation Approval

Building Regulations dictate exactly how the building you have proposed should be constructed. At Tamlyns we always advise our clients to obtain full plans approval; this means that your plans will be prepared by us and approved by building control ahead of your construction. This avoids the risks associated with other types of building regulation approval, such as building notices. Our experts work hard to remain informed about the latest developments in construction techniques and technologies. We provide up-to-date guidance to ensure you get the best results.

Stage 3: The Tender Process

When your development project has been given the green light, Tamlyns can manage the tender process on your behalf. This involves preparing additional information ahead of construction. This can include things like the positioning of sockets and switches or detailed plans for kitchen and bathroom fittings. These plans will be sent out to a handpicked list of skilled and reliable contractors to ensure that you get the best deal and the best quality available for your budget. For additional reassurance, our expert team can also advise you on working with the appointed contractor with a formal building contract.

Stage 4: Construction Supervision

When your building work begins, Tamlyns can make sure that your project stays on track by providing a construction supervision service. This will involve conducting routine site visits to check that works are progressing in accordance with Building Regulations, in a timely fashion and to an appropriate standard.  We will keep you ‘in the loop’ on developments and ensure the project meets your expectations. This supervision process culminates upon completion of the build (following snagging) with the issuing of what is referred to as either an Architect’s or Surveyor’s Certificate. Should any problems arise, our team can act as an intermediary between yourself and the contractors, working out any potential issues efficiently and effectively.

We hope you find this handy four-stage process to be of great use when undergoing an application for planning and building regulations. Should you wish to use our expertise, we will guide you along the way and provide peace of mind with our services. We also provide a range of additional architectural services and include, but are not limited to; lease plans, floor plans, 3D plans, HM Land Registry compliant plans, feasibility studies and contract administration. Feel free to get in touch with a member of the team today on 01278 458 241, who will be happy to assist your needs or to learn more, email us