Surveys For Property Owners/Occupants Information

Specific Defect Reports

If you have a particular concern about an element of a property whether purchasing or already owned, we can inspect and provide advice.

This may be cracks in walls or problems with dampness. We can provide a tailored report, focused on a specific defect or element of the property. If further investigation, remedial works and specification of works are required, we can also provide assistance.

Appraisals for Insurance Claims

If your property has suffered from issues such as structural movement, flood and fire damage we can provide reports to insurance companies and if required, associated drawings and schedules of work to restore the property to a condition before the loss.

Schedule of Dilapidations

A schedule of Dilapidations sets out the Tenant’s liabilities for the repair of a building to restore it to the condition it was in prior to the start of the lease, the extent of which will be based on the terms of the lease. This can be produced toward the end of the lease term or at termination.

We can:

• Prepare Schedules of Dilapidations to serve on tenants vacating a property.

• Prepare a dilapidation claim where a tenant leaves without complying with the repairing covenants of a lease.

Tenants should comply with the lease terms throughout their time at a property to reduce the risk of significant works and potential claims for repair of the building(s) at the end of a lease.

We can:

• Prepare Schedules of Condition at the commencement of a lease for the benefit of the tenant, appended to a lease, to limit tenant liability. This can also be produced for landlords.

• Draw up a list of repairs required during the lease term.

Homescore Report

This report offers the condition of a property at a glance.

Homescore aims to deliver the information required as quickly and succinctly as possible. Quality is not compromised and a qualified Surveyor will make an inspection of the property and follow this up with a report, usually within 24 hours, rating all the important elements of the property from 1-10.

Alikened to a snagging list this report can be useful prior to marketing your property so that you can address any potential maintenance or structural issues prior to sale, or provide a prospective purchaser with some reassurance that the property is in good order.

Fire Risk Assessment

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